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May 5, 2014

Throwing Copper by Live

Live reached an early peak with their 1994 sophomore album Throwing Copper. With dynamic and dramatic songs laced by lyrical ambiguity and thought-provoking themes, the Pennsylvania group composed a cohesive and memorable record which captured the post-grunge sound of the middle nineties.

Review of Throwing Copper at Classic Rock Review

October 31, 2013

Seeds and Thorns by Up The Chain

Seeds and Chains is an engaging new album by Philadelphia area folk artist Up the Chain. Led by frontman and creator Reed Kendall, the album employs some of the most talented musicians in the Philly area for this entertaining and rewarding musical journey.

Review of Seeds and Chains

October 15, 2013

Epiphones and Empty Rooms by The Badlees

With their latest release, Epiphones and Empty Rooms, The Badlees have fully embraced the “two states” of their group. In fact, they have taken this concept to the extreme with a double album made of two discs which are intentionally distinct from each other.

Review of Epiphones and Empty Rooms at Modern Rock Review

July 5, 2013

Rumble by Tommy Conwell and Young Rumblers

Aside from being an accomplished blues guitarist, Tommy Conwell was keenly tuned into his audience and gave them his all at every live show. Rumble was his first major label record with his band The Young Rumblers and it did a fair job of capturing a bit of the live energy.

Review of Rumble at Classic Rock Review

April 16, 2013

Out of Body by The Hooters

Out of Body was the fifth studio album by The Hooters, released in 1993, and would be the last before the band’s decade and a half hiatus from recording. As with all Hooters albums, the original material was mainly composed by the team of Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman.

Review of Out of Body at Classic Rock Review

October 13, 2012

One Way Home by The Hooters

After two years of extensive touring in support of their first major label success, Nervous Night, the Philadelphia based group The Hooters returned to the studio to record One Way Home. Unlike its predecessor, this album was heavily folk and Americana influenced.

Review of One Way Home at Classic Rock Review

May 14, 2012


Originally planned to be The Hooters sixth studio album, Largo became a much larger and more complex project which became a a quasi-concept album and involved top-notch talent from across the rock spectrum in both musical styles and musical eras.

Review of Largo

May 6, 2012

The Optimist by Eric Bazilian

Although it was the dawn of his fourth decade of professionally performing, writing, recording, and producing, The Optimist was the debut solo effort by Eric Bazilian in 2000. This indy release is a pleasing assortment of well-crafted hard rock songs with a definite edge.

Review of The Optimist

May 1, 2012

Diamonds In the Coal by The Badlees

At a time when many in the rock world were in the process of re-imaging from the slick 80’s hair band to the grungy 90s alternative, a young Pennsylvania band called The Badlees was forging their own path with a sound called “roots rock” with their first full length album.

Review of Diamonds in the Coal at Classic Rock Review

April 7, 2012

Imaginary Lines 33

The artist unleashed on the unsuspecting world his own heart and souland, although most of this long and winding road of noise is frivolous self-indulgence, it serves as those ruined societies upon which to pave over and build a sonic empire.

Review of Imaginary Lines 33 at

January 21, 2012

Idaho by Pete Bush & Hoi Polloi

Pittsburgh’s Pete Bush got his start playing guitar in a hard rock band in the late 1990′s before making the radical transformation to stand-up bass. He next moved up to front man when he formed Pete Bush & the Hoi Polloi, which released their debut Idaho in May 2012, adding some nice sonic additions to the base live sound of the trio.

Review of Idaho


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