Deb Callahan

Speaking to Deb Callahan brought back so many memories. I first saw her perform in the late 90’s at a local blues club in Northeast Pennsylvania. Ms. Callahan mentioned that she was just beginning back then and surprised that anyone would remember her from that era. But who could ever forget that voice? There is so much soul in her songs and her performance that the only thing that truly changed is the maturity in her voice.

Deb Callahan

During the 2021 Reading Blues Fest, Deb Callahan was located in the Cheers American Bistro Club at the Doubletree Hilton in Reading, PA and she brought in a full house. I had the opportunity of introducing myself to her and talking a little more and, I must say, Deb is a very personable woman. We just rehashed some old memories and then I went to get a seat to enjoy the show.

It was standing room only for the late arrivals and all of the audience was intensely listening and singing along you just knew that she caught everyone’s attention.

Reigning from Philadelphia, Deb got her start back in the early 1990’s. She wrote her own music but she also had a career and a family that demanded most of her time. We continued to talk about her career and Deb made it known that she is writing again and she’s hoping to get an album out there. To be quite honest, I hope she does too. If you’ve never heard her before I highly recommend that you go see a Deb Callahan show.

“In the heart of every person is the music to their soul”

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