Mycenea Worley

Mycenea Worley is a composer and performer from Central Pennsylvania. This video is an August 2016 performance of her original song “Fly” in Camp Hill PA.

The riff for this song was written by Ross Kennedy and Mycenea stated she; “loved the way that it climbed but sounded like it was resistant because of the intervals and then when it completes that octave, it just soars. It’s like a resolution and I wanted it to be inspirational, because that’s how the chorus sounds. The verses sound a little darker and more cautious, so I wanted those words to reflect the mundane, day to day questioning of ourselves and of our abilities. And then it comes back to that chorus, and you remember you can do anything if you run like hell and spread your wings.”

“Fly” will be included on Mycenea’s forthcoming album Center. Drive. due for release in 2017. This will be her first full-length album and third overall release, following the EPs Love and Siren.


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