The Hooters

The Hooters owned the Philadelphia music scene in the mid 1980’s. This was no small accomplishment in a city rich in musical history, from jazz to rock to soul, but this band worked hard and took no sector of their audience for granted. They expanded beyond the typical night club scene and tapped the high … Read More

The Hooters (Pt II)

1    2 After two years of extensive touring, The Hooters returned to the studio to record One Way Home, co-produced by Chertoff, Bazilian, and Hyman. The album was heavily folk and Americana influenced and  a testament to the Hooters desire to put the music first. It was a marked departure from the pop sound of Nervous Night. … Read More

Largo Review

Originally planned to be The Hooters sixth studio album, Largo became a much larger and more complex project which involved top-notch talent from across the rock spectrum in both style and era. The album started as just another studio album for producer Rick Chertoff and the songwriting team of Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian. Together … Read More

Dave Uosikkinen

The signature sounds that have defined The Hooters for over three decades would not be possible without the rhythm section laying down those ska and reggae beats. While there have been several bassists in the band over that time period, and even a percussionist for a short time in the early days, the constant through … Read More

The Optimist by Eric Bazilian

The Optimist is the debut solo album by Eric Bazilian, released in 2000. It is kind of odd to consider that this artist’s “debut” anything would come at the dawn of his fourth decade of professionally performing, writing, recording, and producing. But all of the previous recordings by Bazilian were done for acts such as … Read More

Idaho by Pete Bush & the Hoi Polloi

This review was originally published at DAMES Of PA. Pittsburgh’s Pete Bush got his start playing guitar in a hard rock band in the late 1990′s before making the radical transformation to stand-up bass in a “jazz-sex-pop” band called Salena Catalina. He next moved up to frontman when he formed Pete Bush & the Hoi … Read More

Come Alive by Carmen Magro

NOTE: This article was originally published on the DAMES of Pa website. Carmen Magro plays inspirational music. Much of this music translates from his inspirational story. He has an enthusiasm for life and a remarkable ability to turn life’s tragedies into something positive. This is what you’ll find when you listen to his debut EP … Read More

Perfect 10

Review of Perfect Smile by The Cellarbirds on its 10-year anniversary. NOTE: This article was originally published on the DAMES of Pa website. Often overlooked as just a subset of The Badlees, this band may have put out one of the best recordings by a Pennsylvania artist over the past decade. Perfect Smile by The … Read More

Two States

This review was originally published at DAMES Of PA. If you are looking for a fluffy, happy review of the new CD by The Badlees, stop reading now. The band’s new release, Love Is Rain, is flawed. The first of these flaws are right up front and immediate. Now, we realize that the art of … Read More