Robert Cray at Whitaker Center

Robert Cray Band, 8/30/16

The Robert Cray Band has been playing and recording together for decades. The internal musical dynamics are plain to see in their live performances, as they are obviously at ease despite the looseness of their set list and their penchant for going off on extended jams. Relaxed and intense aren’t usually used to describe a … Read More

Find the Time by The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO is a Philadelphia-based rock band which was formed in 2010. The band tours extensively around the Philadelphia area and has developed a loyal following of fans through their energetic live performances. In fact, their 2014 EP release, Find the Time, was funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign, as they had done … Read More


A rock power trio from Lancaster, PA, Tigerbomb is made up of three musicians who also happen to be brothers. With a sound drawn from a vast range of influences, the group proudly declares themselves to be “genre free”, although they do trend towards the heavier side of the alternative spectrum. Released in March 2013, … Read More

Rooftop Concert

The Badlees performed a unique show last night on the rooftop of the brand new 1500 building in downtown Harrisburg. This was a sort of pre-release party complete with food, drinks, and a fantastic birds-eye of downtown Harrisburg and points beyond. The official release of their new double CD, Epiphones and Empty Rooms, will be … Read More

The Hooters Appreciation Day

A couple of weeks ago, the Pennsylvania State Senate voted on a resolution to declare April 30th “Hooters Music Appreciation Day” in the state. The resolution, sponsored by Senator Daylin Leach, passed unanimously and The Hooters have cemented their place in the PA history books. The band accepted the award today and celebrated the occasion … Read More

Little Buffalo Festival 2012

October 8, 2012 By Karyn Albano This past Saturday (October 6th) was the annual Little Buffalo Arts Festival, at the Little Buffalo State Park in a remote area of Perry County, Pennsylvania. Along with art, poetry, kids activities and food, was some great free music on two stages. On the main stage was entertainment by … Read More

Sunshine Through The Blues

A few weeks ago we were having a record breaking heatwave across the country as well as here in PA. My annual trip to Brigg’s Farm Blues Festival was going on right in the midst of this oppressively warm and humid spell. It was sunny and a steamy 95 degrees when Ed Randazzo took to … Read More

Too Old to Rock and Roll?

The other day, a Facebook friend posted something that really struck a chord. To paraphrase, he said something like he felt as though he was a 22 year old spirit stuck in a 42 year old body and openly wondered whether he should continue playing music. Another friend posted one of those cartoon sharing things … Read More

Summer Festival Season

Summer festival season is here! This is the time of year that live music is released from the dark, late-night confines of nightclubs and bars and flows into the great outdoors. Pennsylvania is a great place for outdoor summertime music. We have blues festivals happening in rural cornfields, folk music under the stars at wineries, … Read More