Radio Tower

How do you discover your favorite local musicians? Do you just head out to clubs and bars and hope for the best or do you do a little research first? These days there are so many outlets available to find new sounds to please your ears.

One of my favorites is to listen to radio shows featuring local music. I often stream one from a Wilkes-Barre station called Music On the Menu. The show is hosted by Alan Stout, who has spent many years covering local music in Northeast Pennsylvania. Through his show, I discovered artists like Shawn Z, The Underground Saints and many more. Check this one out Sunday nights from 8 to 9 pm, If like me, you live outside of the broadcast area, you can stream it live from 102.3 FM, the Mountain’s website.

Harrisburg’s 97.9, The River also has a local show hosted by Michael Anthony Smith on at 10 pm on Sunday Nights. He plays an eclectic mix of local music and he always encourages local artists to send him their songs so he can play them. Sunday nights typically don’t have a lot going on anyway, so why not give one of these shows a listen, you may find a new favorite band!


By Karyn