Find the Time by The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO is a Philadelphia-based rock band which was formed in 2010. The band tours extensively around the Philadelphia area and has developed a loyal following of fans through their energetic live performances. In fact, their 2014 EP release, Find the Time, was funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign, as they had done … Read More


A rock power trio from Lancaster, PA, Tigerbomb is made up of three musicians who also happen to be brothers. With a sound drawn from a vast range of influences, the group proudly declares themselves to be “genre free”, although they do trend towards the heavier side of the alternative spectrum. Released in March 2013, … Read More

Seeds and Thorns by Up the Chain album review

October 31, 2013 By Ric Albano Seeds and Chains is an engaging new album by Philadelphia area folk artist Up the Chain. Led by front man and creator Reed Kendall, the album employs some of the most talented musicians in the Philly area for this entertaining and rewarding musical journey. There is hardly a weak … Read More

Largo Review

Originally planned to be The Hooters sixth studio album, Largo became a much larger and more complex project which involved top-notch talent from across the rock spectrum in both style and era. The album started as just another studio album for producer Rick Chertoff and the songwriting team of Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian. Together … Read More

The Optimist by Eric Bazilian

May 6, 2012 By Ric Albano Tweet The Optimist is the debut solo album by Eric Bazilian, released in 2000. It is kind of odd to consider that this artist’s “debut” anything would come at the dawn of his fourth decade of professionally performing, writing, recording, and producing. But all of the previous recordings by … Read More

Idaho by Pete Bush & the Hoi Polloi

Tweet This review was originally published at DAMES Of PA on January 21, 2012. Pittsburgh’s Pete Bush got his start playing guitar in a hard rock band in the late 1990′s before making the radical transformation to stand-up bass in a “jazz-sex-pop” band called Salena Catalina. He next moved up to frontman when he formed … Read More

This Is Cabinet, Set 1

Tweet This review was originally published at DAMES Of PA on December 27, 2010. A blue grass jam band from Wilkes-Barre with some virtuoso playing, Cabinet has put something together that is truly original with the live This Is Cabinet -Set 1. Recorded at the River Steet Jazz Cafe’ in Wilkes-Barre as well as venues … Read More

Two States

Tweet This review was originally published at DAMES Of PA on November 5, 2009. If you are looking for a fluffy, happy review of the new CD by The Badlees, stop reading now. The band’s new release, Love Is Rain, is flawed. The first of these flaws are right up front and immediate. Now, we … Read More