George Wesley, A True Original

George Wesley

During a John Lennon tribute show in 2005, George Wesley claimed that he started growing his hair when Lennon was assassinated 25 years earlier and “hadn’t cut it since”. Here is but one example of this unique, original and inspirational performer who helped forge the vibrant musical scene in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, Wesley … Read More

The Badlees at Briggs

  Briggs Farm Blues Festival 2013 July 15, 2013 By Ric Albano and Gary Neiswender On Saturday evening, The Badlees performed on the “back porch” stage during the Briggs Farm Blues Festival. While many wondered prior to the show how the long time Pennsylvania pop/rock group would go over at this Blues festival, the band … Read More

Sunshine Through The Blues

A few weeks ago we were having a record breaking heatwave across the country as well as here in PA. My annual trip to Brigg’s Farm Blues Festival was going on right in the midst of this oppressively warm and humid spell. It was sunny and a steamy 95 degrees when Ed Randazzo took to … Read More

Darcie Miner Sounds Like Summer

The sun has been bright and the skies have been blue, but for me it didn’t feel quite like summer until Thursday, June 14th. You see, at the beginning of almost every summer in recent memory I have seen Pennsylvania’s best kept secret, Darcie Miner, perform. So it was not until I saw her on … Read More

Wired Live

With a playlist that transcends many rock sub-genres, a lead vocalist role that is ever-revolving throughout the show, and a solid edge of melodic rock, Wired performs an entertaining live act. The band performs covers from Elvis Presley to Kid Rock, from Lynard Skynard to Smash Mouth and various acts along the rock pantheon in … Read More

The Hooters

The Hooters owned the Philadelphia music scene in the mid 1980’s. This was no small accomplishment in a city rich in musical history, from jazz to rock to soul, but this band worked hard and took no sector of their audience for granted. They expanded beyond the typical night club scene and tapped the high … Read More

The Hooters (Pt II)

1    2 After two years of extensive touring, The Hooters returned to the studio to record One Way Home, co-produced by Chertoff, Bazilian, and Hyman. The album was heavily folk and Americana influenced and  a testament to the Hooters desire to put the music first. It was a marked departure from the pop sound of Nervous Night. … Read More

Dave Uosikkinen

The signature sounds that have defined The Hooters for over three decades would not be possible without the rhythm section laying down those ska and reggae beats. While there have been several bassists in the band over that time period, and even a percussionist for a short time in the early days, the constant through … Read More

The Battle Begins by Vessel

This past week, the Christian rock group Vessel released their debut album The Battle Begins. The effort was was spearheaded by producer and lead guitarist Lenny Kucinski and recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio Independence, a state-of-the-art home recording facility. Joining Kucinski as the core of the band are drummer/co-producer Ivan Justofin and bassist/vocalist Joe … Read More