“Deeper” by Red Eye Kings

Red Eye Kings are a rock group from Central Pennsylvania. This video is a October 2016 performance of their original song “Deeper” at the 33rd annual Little Buffalo Festival in Newport, PA.

“Deeper” was included on Rhyne McCormick’s 2010 album Live at the Capitol Theatre.


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The Legendary Billy Paul

Billy Paul

Earlier this year, the music world lost a music legend when Billy Paul passed away at age 81. A native of Philadelphia, Paul had an especially rich voice which fit perfectly with the Philly Soul movement of the 1970s and was even dubbed with the title “A Singer’s Singer”. Born Paul Williams, from his earliest … Read More

A Variety of Music at Little Buffalo Festival

Little Buffalo main stage

The 33rd Annual Little Buffalo Festival takes place on Saturday, October 1st and features a rich and diverse musical lineup led by several artists from the Keystone State along with some talent from outside Pennsylvania. Located at Little Buffalo State Park just outside of Newport, PA, this one-day free event also arts, crafts, poetry, a … Read More

“Living Means Leaving Behind” by
Antonio Andrade

Antonio Andrade is a composer, performer and recording artist from Central Pennsylvania. This video is a September 2016 performance of his original song “Living Means Leaving Behind” at Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, PA.

“Living Means Leaving Behind” is included on Andrade’s 2014 album Life Shakes, his fourth solo release.


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“Fly” by Mycenea Worley

Mycenea Worley is a composer and performer from Central Pennsylvania. This video is an August 2016 performance of her original song “Fly” in Camp Hill PA.

The riff for this song was written by Ross Kennedy and Mycenea stated she; “loved the way that it climbed but sounded like it was resistant because of the intervals and then when it completes that octave, it just soars. It’s like a resolution and I wanted it to be inspirational, because that’s how the chorus sounds. The verses sound a little darker and more cautious, so I wanted those words to reflect the mundane, day to day questioning of ourselves and of our abilities. And then it comes back to that chorus, and you remember you can do anything if you run like hell and spread your wings.”

“Fly” will be included on Mycenea’s forthcoming album Center. Drive. due for release in 2017. This will be her first full-length album and third overall release, following the EPs Love and Siren.


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Music Education for Home School Community

Music educator Rod Goelz has of Music At Metropolis in Mechanicsburg, PA has developed two classes for the area Home School community. Developed last winter, Goelz married his contemporary brand of music education with the needs of the home school community when he came up with Rock Band, a music program that was both currently … Read More

Robert Cray at Whitaker Center

Robert Cray Band, 8/30/16

The Robert Cray Band has been playing and recording together for decades. The internal musical dynamics are plain to see in their live performances, as they are obviously at ease despite the looseness of their set list and their penchant for going off on extended jams. Relaxed and intense aren’t usually used to describe a … Read More

George Wesley, A True Original

George Wesley

During a John Lennon tribute show in 2005, George Wesley claimed that he started growing his hair when Lennon was assassinated 25 years earlier and “hadn’t cut it since”. Here is but one example of this unique, original and inspirational performer who helped forge the vibrant musical scene in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, Wesley … Read More

“You Got Me Runnin'” by The Retreads

Anthony Gallucio and the Retreads are a five-piece group with members from Delaware and “various other locales”. Below is a performance at the 19th annual Briggs Farm Blues Festival on July 9, 2016 of the song “You Got Me Runnin'”.

Throughout the week of July 10, 2016 we provided video of select performances by artists from Pennsylvania who have performed at this year’s Briggs Farm Blues Festival.

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