“Bad Man” by Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen

Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen are a power trio from Northeast PA who have recently released their self-titled second album. Below is a performance of the song “Bad Man” from their latest album at the 19th annual Briggs Farm Blues Festival on July 9, 2016.

Throughout the week of July 10, 2016 we provided video of select performances by artists from Pennsylvania who have performed at this year’s Briggs Farm Blues Festival.

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KIX is Coming Back to Central PA


Thirty plus years ago, in 1981, the Maryland based band, KIX came to Sunbury, PA for the first time. At that time “The Dirty Boys of the Underground” played at the legendary Market Street movie theater, The Strand. Since then, the rock band has adopted this area as their own, performing from 2012-2015 the classic … Read More

One More Jam for a Fine Rock Band


After 15 years together as a live act along with two fine original releases, HotWingJones‘ played their final show at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center on Saturday, February 27, 2016. For years, this group straddled the line between serious rock performances and lighthearted, slightly comedic entertainment and this performance was a distinguished way to close out … Read More

Jumping Out of Windows by Boulevard of the Allies

Buy Jumping Out of Windows The Pittsburgh based group Boulevard of the Allies proudly displays their British-American connection in their main logo on their website and other online channels. In fact, the very name of the group comes from the name of a thoroughfare in Pittsburgh which was dedicated in honor of the World War … Read More

Catchin’ Feels by Shawan and the Wonton

Catchin’ Feels is a five-song EP with simple arrangements that showcase the talents of Harrisburg based artists Shawan and the Wonton. Led by the dynamic vocals of Shawan Rice, the group labels themselves a “Roots inspired Soul Collective” which draw their inspiration from the classic musical genres of R&B, folk, jazz, blues, and just the … Read More

Find the Time by The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO is a Philadelphia-based rock band which was formed in 2010. The band tours extensively around the Philadelphia area and has developed a loyal following of fans through their energetic live performances. In fact, their 2014 EP release, Find the Time, was funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign, as they had done … Read More

The Sounds of Fall at Little Buffalo

The 31st Annual Little Buffalo Festival took place on Saturday October 4th, on the first real day in Pennsylvania that truly felt like Fall. The cool weather and fantastic scenery made the perfect setting for the festivities and great music. Sponsored by Perry County Council of the Arts, the festival is held on an afternoon … Read More

Rock Lititz Grand Opening

The grand opening of Rock Lititz Studio in Litiz, PA took place on Saturday, September 20th. This is the largest production rehearsal studio in the world, where stage, sound, light, and effects can be fully test-driven before headlining artists launch major tours. Located off Route 501 in Lancaster County, the studio is part of what … Read More

Brigg’s Rocks the Blues

The 2014 Briggs Farm Blues Festival had an especially diverse lineup which featured many rock-based genres fused with the core blues that has made this ever-growing, 17-year festival so popular. Further, with nearly as many female as male performers, this year’s Blues Fest reached a new dynamic. The headliner on Friday, July 11th was the … Read More


A rock power trio from Lancaster, PA, Tigerbomb is made up of three musicians who also happen to be brothers. With a sound drawn from a vast range of influences, the group proudly declares themselves to be “genre free”, although they do trend towards the heavier side of the alternative spectrum. Released in March 2013, … Read More